Rick Roderick: The Movie

I've just found out that Kerry Candaele is currently making a documentary film about the fantastic Rick Roderick. Rick Roderick's lectures have been a source of joy for me for years and helped guide me through my thinking at both undergraduate and graduate level. He manages (in the most disciplined and sophisticated of ways) to take philosophy out of an academic context and make it something which corresponds to everyday life and everyday people. This, coupled with his difficulty fitting in to bureaucratic structures, makes him a fantastically engaging speaker where his personality and subject matter reinforce one another, demonstrating a man who seemed to care about philosophy on a truly personal level. 

Three of Rick Roderick's lecture courses are online for free and can be found here: http://rickroderick.org/ along with transcripts, links and sources.

A good example of his style is this clip, in which he is talking about Derrida, but which could equally be applied to himself:

Kerry Candaele announced he was making a film documenting the life of Rick Roderick in August 2012 and in October detailed his trip to Texas to meet old friends and family and tracing Roderick's descriptions of his childhood in his unpublished autobiography (the post can be found here: http://rickroderick.org/#comment-20004)

The subjects of Kerry Candaele's previous films cover Wall-Mart, Iraq, Women's sport and Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

The trailer of his film Following the Ninth (http://followingtheninth.com/) looks good so I'm really excited that he's taken on a project to document Rick Roderick. He mentions a possible upcoming kickstarter for the project, which considering his previous success using kickstarter as a funding means, makes this film more likely to become a reality. 

While we wait we still have plenty of original recordings to be watching and rewatching:

Richard Graham

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